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I just an ordinary person who are talkative and easy going . I believe something happen for a 1000 reasons . The pain teach me to be a strong Allah creation . I don't mind people hatin me because I live not to impress anybody but to seek my place in Jannah .

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

its raining

awak semua , malam ni saya sedih sangat tak tahu kenapa . tiba-tiba je rasa sakit hati , tiba-tiba air mata ni mengalir . saya tak tahu kenapa malam ni saya emo . air mata tak boleh berhenti mengalir . maybe sebab saya dah lama pendamkan perasaan kot . sampailah malam ni saya rasa saya dah tak boleh nak tanggung semua ni lagi . saya tak tahu nak describe macam mana perasaan saya sekarang . kalau boleh saya nak je bawak keluar hati saya and tunjukkan semua isi hati saya .

mungkin saya terlalu ego , tapi saya tak nak pisang berbuah dua kali . bila dorang buat tak tahu , bila dorang tak explain silap dorang , bila dorang tak minta maaf , bila dorang abaikan saya , bila dorang lupakan saya , bila dorang tak perlukan saya  ,,,. its kind hurt . i never though this nightmare will happen again .

and maybe my false for being too weak . terlalu mengambil peduli tentang mereka walaupun semua tu akan menyakitkan hati saya . i'm kinda stupid because hoping they will admit their mistake . so foolish ! i hope after this night , i will forget everything about this feeling . i want to be happy with the peoples who really love me and accept me for who i am . i hope Allah will give me strength to stand and walk like before . no turning back . i want to walk to my future not my past . i will cry out loud tonight and tomorrow i will smile and forget this tears , in shaa allah .

p/s : cry when you want to cry . don't keep it too long in your heart , it just give the pain . 

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