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Saturday, May 26, 2012

i don't mind

salam .
it such a long time i not update this blog since i busy with the mid year examination . seriously , im very tired so damn much ! but i don't mind because i can sleep more than 10 hours for the next 2 weeks ^^ .

actually i don't mind i had to stay up till the late of night and woke up early in the morning because i want to .
i don't mind i had eyebag like a panda because its my fault to study last minute .
i don't mind my handphone is away because i do not need  it .
i don't mind i don't have boyfriend because i can't give them happiness .
i don't mind i don't have a lover because i don't have time to spend with them . im too busy with my silly things .
i don't mind no guy beside me because i have my girls to cheers me up .
i don't mind i don't have memories with boyfriend because i too busy making memories with my friend .
i don't mind i still single because i don't want to waste my time and tears on any guy .
i don't mind all of that .
i really mean it . because i want to succes . i want my parents proud of me .
i don't mind at all do not have boyfriend . because i know i not deserve it . im too busy with my family , my friends and my silly things . im too busy fulfill what i really want . too selfish and not attractive at all . im tired and sick to liking or love someone . its really hurt when you got dumped by someone . it like someone stabbing your heart for a million times .  so that i giving up already .
right now im busy create memories with people around me .
i want to save my tears for my sweetest moment in my life .
im happy with life right now .. i just want have the sweetest memories during my school life . i don't want to remember how hurt my heart is . im glad my heart still can work as usual eventhough its have been broken for a few times . i glad my heart is strong and my mind never let me down . i glad that my brain and my heart can cooperate very well . they never stop working and let me down for a long time . Alhamdulillah .

p/s : i used to be stupid before because i keep wasting my tears . but now my tears is worth . 

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