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Friday, September 21, 2012

international language

assalamualaikum .
harini sangat marah ! seriously . its too hurt . its kind of humiliation when somebody don't understand what i write then do a screen capture and post it to facebook .

english is the international language . if you can't understand what i write/mean its your fault not mine . you go to school since 5 years old but until now can't understand even a simple sentences . don't you feel ashame? how are you going to communicate with foreigner or educated people? the most worse is you are so proud when you don't understand what i mean and post the screen capture of the conversation to facebook . and all people boo-ing me . how immature you are ! its really hurt my pride .

if you don't understand what i write , why don't you tell the truth . why you have to do such stupid thing that embarassing me . you are really narrow minded slut !
don't you know how i feel when you doing that , its like a big rock were put on my head . i have a feeling and my patient got a limit . if you across the limit , you will get what you deserve to get from me .

but thank you boy for the understanding . after you get a 'gift' from me , you delete the immature post . i appreciate it . and remember one thing , english is international language.  if you can't speak,write or understand english better you learn it . its not hard to learn it if you are interested to it . if your english knowledge is zero you won't be able to go far . believe me . at least you must understand the words or sentences . if you don't help yourself , nobody will help you .

p/s : i would like to friends with you slut !

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